Finding All of the Lost Toys on Mamalode

I’m featured on Mamalode today with a post I wrote about adventure with my son. He’s 4. The adventure is nothing more than our looking, together, for his randomly misplaced toys, but I actually enjoy it. Unfortunately, I think I get a little more involved than he does. I’m looking for the toy long after he’s deemed it lost forever and ever amen.

You haveĀ ou sincere appreciation for visiting Mamalode and reading about our searches. You are singlehandedly keeping him from making this face. Thank you. Because that face makes me want to give him all the replacement toys.



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    I had a somewhat similar thing happen at the watermark yesterday. My son was beside himself that we passed the popsicle stand on our way out of the park. Inconsolable. So I went back, walked the length of the damn park and still couldn’t find it. I asked him “Don’t you remember where the popsicle stand was?”. Do you know what he said to me? “Are we STILL looking for that?”. Boom. Can’t say I enjoyed it though. Heading over to read you at Mamalode.

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