Inspired by The Real Housewife of Caroline County, I’m participating in #AskAwayFriday, where two bloggers exchange questions to get all up in each other’s business. I’m swapping [spit. No, wait, um never mind] with Jennifer.

A Jew, a black girl, and a Texan get into a cab…it never gets old, y’all. With Deborah (@askDocG) at BlogHer ’13.

Look at her face, y’all. That is friendship bliss, right there. Get you some.

Go read Jennifer’s answers to the questions I asked her, here.

1) Why did you name your blog What Now and Why? I started my blog in 2008 after realizing that waiting for someone to pay me to write wasn’t going to happen as quickly as I wanted or needed. I figured I could write every day on whatever topic I wanted. The title explains how I was feeling at that moment, like there was always going to be something happening, usually marginally bad. But why?

2) Where did you meet your husband? October 1993, we both worked retail, opening a store in downtown DC. He started after I did, and was on the radar of every young woman in the place. And I mean every. One even said she had a date with him. I didn’t want to step on any toes because by then she and I were friends, but when she said she’d had to cancel? MINE.


3) Who was your childhood best friend, why, and are you still friends? Lanell and I met on the first day of kindergarten. We became friends when she explained that I needed to smooth my skirt down before sitting down rather than sitting with my Clifford the Big Red Dog Monday underwear right on the chair. We don’t speak often, but we are still friends, falling into an easy conversation style whenever we catch up.

4) What did you want to be when you grew up? I wanted to be a teacher or a secretary. I’ve now experienced one and intend on paying attention to the careers my kids set their sights on. Dream big, I will tell them. I’d still like to teach at the college level, though.

5) What do you want to be now? I want to star in a Broadway show. I am so serious. Singing, dancing, acting.

6) Other than bills and saving and college for the kids, what is the first FUN thing you would do if you won the lottery? Vacation, absolutely. One with the kids, one without. (And then it would be supremely fun to send a check to Wells Fargo for my house).

7) Who is your current favorite author? I’m reading Jonathan Tropper’s This Is Where I Leave You and enjoying it immensely. But my favorite right now would have to be Liane Moriarty.

8) What song can you not help but dance to? Outside of virtually anything from the 80s, Pharrell’s Happy is on heavy rotation right now. 

9) If money were no object, where would you travel to? Africa, France, Belize, and some obscure place I’d find by looking up remote spot featured on National Geographic. I would definitely go to Africa first because I need my oldest daughter to see the river she’s named after. It runs through Botswana and Tanzania.

10) What religion are you, if any? Did you grow up that way? I attended a Lutheran church growing up. I attend a Baptist church (semi regularly IT’S BEEN A MONTH OF SUNDAYS SINCE I’VE BEEN) now but I don’t subscribe to any particular religion fully. I believe in God or even just a higher being, but outside of that, I don’t like being told what to believe or how to dress to come to church or that I have to go every Sunday.

Consider joining #AskAwayFriday. I love finding out more about people, and this is a good way to do it. You know, being nosy without it having the label of nosy. Even though, yes, it’s still absolutely nosy.


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    I love this as much as I’m loving on you in that photo. I love that we both asked about music and reading and dancing. And I SWEAR I did not read your questions before I sent mine.

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    love this, what a fun idea! And you’re right, how can you not get up and dance when you hear “Happy”? One of the best music videos ever. What a relief to actually see real people in a video!

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    I TOTALLY had weekday underwear too. That question and answer brought me right back to kindergarten where my best friend and I would sit in side-by-side toilet stalls and she’d ask me what day it was based on my panties.

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    Oh, that song! It’s my favorite. I love the nosiness of this interview, especially the story of how you snagged that man.

    Your face in the pic of you and J and D is awesome – totally ‘I have a secret and it’s that I love these girls.’

    And Broadway! I hope I can get tickets.

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    The 80s is such a dance-able era of music, isn’t it?
    I love hearing stories of how couples get together, I am loving the photos in your post and I am totally with you on the Broadway dreams. (I’m not much of a dancer, though. But that could be part of my charm, right?)

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    Okay, I’m adding this song to my iPod now. And I love all 80s music, too!
    You look gorgeous in that wedding photo. Your husband is one lucky guy.
    And your caption from the BlogHer pic in the cab takes the cake!!

    So glad you did this meme today, too! I liked learning more about you!

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    I freaking LOVE this. And your wedding picture is as gorgeous as the caption on the group picture.
    See? When you said you didn’t feel like a real writer at BlogHer and I told you you that you are nuts?
    This is why.
    you’re a writer and you’re a damned good one, too.

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    I am SO I LOVE with Happy it isn’t even funny…I think everyone around me dreads it coming on now because I will stop whatever I’m doing to get my groove in :) Not to mention it’s my ringtone so anyone who goes to voicemail… I’m Sorry! LOL :)

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      Tiffany! My kids ADORE the song. But, they know what’s gonna happen when it comes on and I’m there. ALL THE THINGS STOP. Chicken burned, homework questions unanswered, sink overflowing. We can be in public, I’m stopping. In the car, I’m stopping. And I’m not slightly embarrassed.

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      Thank you, Christy. My MIL made the dress. We were in the fabric store and I picked up the pink. She raised her eyebrow, asked ONCE if I was sure, and kept it movin’.

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    I love this! How do I join?? And seriously, you and I have the same Broadway dream?????? Except I can’t sing….so you go first, and I’ll cheer you on :) Are you a triple threat, and I didn’t even know it??

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      I like to imagine I can sing. But acting and dancing, I got those! And you can join by linking a post on happiness the last Wednesday of each month at The Dude Mom’s site.

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    A Jew, a black woman and a Texan…fucking dying.
    Why not come to Canada. It has been in the National Geographic probably for some reason. I believe the article was about Huffing Paint to forget that it’s been snowing every single day and we don’t even know what a sun is anymore or if twinkies are on the food pyramid and that we should hide things like axes and that we will be shot on the spot with a BB gun (not a real gun because we don’t carry weapons) if we say “Here’s Johnny” while taking said axe and smashing through a door.
    It’s fun here.
    PS. You’re gorgeous.

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    What a glamorous photograph of a glamorous couple. I looked so like a school girl at my wedding. I didn’t know what the heck was happening to me — and I looked it. And that is a great song. I’m the stupid old lady bopping to my iPad on walk breaks in my run.

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    Um, you are the prettiest bride in the history of weddings. Seriously, all other brides everywhere? SIT DOWN. (Also, I am dying over the line about daughters and Dude Mom’s sons in the last post. Reverse yourself. My new favorite phrase.)

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    I’m totally going to miss this fun ask away thing because I can’t get my act together. Love ALL the pictures. Love this – always love learning more about you. :-)

    Broadway, here we come!

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    Wonderful to meet you and love these answers! That is such a beautiful wedding dress! I totally love 80’s music, I mean what’s not to love, right? I for sure would plan an extravagant family vacation! Hope that you have a wonderful week!

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