Last October I happened upon a call for submissions to the Washington City Paper’s fiction issue. True to my usual love/hate/can’t stop/won’t stop relationship with procrastination, I waited until a few days before the deadline to get serious. I knew I’d wasted over a month and wouldn’t be able to write something great in time. So, I decided I would only submit something, anything, just to be able to say I’d attempted. Maybe that would jump start my regular writing/submitting pieces to various outlets. No, that doesn’t make much sense because it still doesn’t address the procrastination. You’re expecting me to be normal NOW? FRIENDS, Y’ALL ARE DRUNK.

The deadline was November 1, 2012 at midnight. At 9:00 that night I threw together two stories I’d started but hadn’t finished, blended them a bit, added a bit, cut out a bit, added some back in, shook, stirred, did the Hokey Pokey. At exactly midnight I hit send. And then I turned off the computer and said oh, well, AT LEAST I WROTE AND SUBMITTED SOMETHING. It felt good even though it wasn’t what I would consider a personal best. Oh boy. A few weeks later I received an email that included the words “admired your work.” I think I hit the floor.

I called my husband immediately with an excited Guess What! I’m pretty sure his initial response was chicken butt.

I am promising myself to keep up this momentum. When I found out the issue would publish the first week of January, I knew that was a sign: start the year with this, keep it going. When I found out there were over 50 submissions and that “fiction issue” meant only THREE had been selected from the 50+ — Floor.

The story is here. I am proud. I am still a bit surprised but I also know I deserve the honor. And I am still on the floor. That girl has not swept under the table in days, apparently.


  1. Crystal says

    I’ve been reading your blog for about a week and a half and you have a wonderfully, funny blog! Your writing is awesome!!! I read your fiction piece and I was just blown a way! Just wow! I scrolled down to see how long it was and figured I’d bookmark it and read it later, but I was hooked from the first paragraph and had to continue reading to the end! I absolutely loved it! Are you writing a book? If not, why not?! Great, great job!!! Sorry for my overuse of exclamation marks. LOL

  2. says

    That is so awesome! And sounds a lot like me. Right up until the hitting send and getting “admired” I don’t usually get that far. But you, you are amazing. And I’m sure your hokey pokey moves are to die for! :) Hapy New Year lady.

  3. Momalomjen says

    You are an inspiration, I always find the deadlines at the last minute. Then talk myself out of submitting because there’s not time, blah blah blah. But look! You did it. And your story is amazing. Congrats!

  4. says

    Oh do I know the procrastination. I did the very same thing, stumbled on a contest a month ago that is the perfect fit for a short story I’ve been working on. The problem? My story is 3000 words and they want 7500-9000. Deadline is Friday. I wonder what time on Thursday I’ll get started. But enough about me. Congratulations! You are highly talented and it’s about time you start realizing it!

  5. says

    I think you deserve it too! I have to be honest, I picture all of your posts flowing that quickly and easily from your brain to the computer. Your writing has an ease to it. It never seems to be forced or edited like a crazy person’s. It just seems like you. That is why I love it! The world deserves to read more of it! Here’s to even more publications in 2013!
    Also, chicken butt…I love it! I say it all the time when people say guess what and they all look ate like I’m an idiot.

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