Writer’s Workshop: Prom

It’s Thursday so you know what time it is: Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop. This week I chose:

4.) Your prom dress.

I have always been a trendsetter. I was every girl’s envy in 1991 when I debuted my prom dress. When I walked into that horribly decorated ballroom all heads turned to me and jaws dropped. I was the one to be jealous of, wasn’t I? I was the one you wanted to catch in the bathroom alone so you could jump me in the handicap access stall. I was the one your boyfriend wanted. I was the one whose mother listened to her and commissioned a seamstress to make the absolute best dress known to every prom held in the entire year of 1991. Mine was a dress you would have given anything for. My nails matched my hair. This killed you. My hair color almost matched my dress color. This made you hate me more. Satin. Orange. The flower on my shoes matched the rosettes on the back of my dress.  There was no conceivable way to explain how my hair stayed in place all night. Yours was flat by the time you came out of the coat closet with your I’ma get a job and not need no diploma boyfriend. My date had his own car, so much better than your rented, boring limousine. His car was mint green. Hello? You talked all night about the special late night dinner you were going to have, how expensive it was. Screw you, wannabe. We drove four miles to the 7-11 for hot dogs and a Big Gulp and I didn’t even have to put out. And he bought me Skittles! My night was so much better than yours. As was my hair. And my dress which was missing its front hem by the time I left.

You wish you could have been me.

You. Wish.


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    7-11? Shut the front door! THAT is 5 star dining at it’s FINEST! At least in South Florida, you can get Cuban sandwiches. YUM YUM YUM. Too bad I live in Atlanta where there’s not a 7-11 to be found, and yet they play commercials for them ALL THE TIME. JEALOUS.

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      It’s funny. I haven’t had a hot dog from 7-11 (or at all, really) since probably 2001. Remembering that it seemed so cool and normal to me back then is hilarious. I do, however, get an occasional summertime hankering for a Slurpee (and then I DO go in!). I hate commercials for places that aren’t near me. They play one for Cici’s Pizza which of a friend of mine loves but it’s near her house, not mine! Like, nowhere near me.

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    Oh. My. God. Dress = Orange amazing. Hair = gravity defying. Your prom dress SO beat my prom dress, which was made by my Mama, much to her chagrin, made from a fabric which was totally inappropriate for the pattern, and involved cutting everything on the bias. And yes, I insisted on wearing a red feather boa. Oh dear God.

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